New Moon challenges

Begin Your Journey with the NEW MOON

Why the NEW MOON?

I always considered myself a moon child. I can remember looking up at the sky and gazing at the full moon with wonder. When the moon reached the New Moon Cycle, i would think that it had left me. Needless to say, the moon was always there for me. The moon is so powerful. It is responsible for moving the ocean, ocean tides, and growth of plants. The energy of the moon has its effect on humans, especially women. Followed by many cultures for centuries, this magical time is a great opportunity to start a new.

The New Moon marks new beginnings. We can harness the energy of the New Moon with challenges to reach goals, dreams and visions. Be clear with your intentions and what you wish to create in your life. The 21-Day NEW MOON Challenges are milestones along your Holistic Journey to become more focused and dedicated to your personal life's achievements. 

Challenge Yourself TODAY!

Make an impact in your life. Get serious. Life requires us to take an active role and we will only see results if we commit to making positive lifestyle changes.

21-Day NEW MOON Challenges

Overcoming Negativity

21 Day Course Begins Wednesday, June 13th


Challenge yourself to Overcome Negativity. Live a positive lifestyle and reap the many benefits. This 21-Day course is created to allow you to access important, fun, interactive materials on a daily basis for 21 days (the time it takes to make a change). 

Course material will be in the RUZUKU course platform. You will start off on the NEW MOON, a great time for energetic beginning and birthing new habits, ideas and projects. Daily you can access, tips, tools and techniques for overcoming the negativity in life and applying positive practices. Since challenges are in most cases, difficult; I will be supporting you along your journey with live calls on Tuesday, June 12th, June 19th, June 26th and July 3rd at 11:00 est. In case you can not attend the calls, I will record them and email them to you. You will be apart of a private facebook page, dedicated to this challenge and can ask questions of the attendees and myself. If you have trouble completing the daily practice, you can always take your time to access them at your convenience; although I highly recommend that you challenge yourself to review the information daily. This may take you 10-30 minutes depending on the effort you wish to put into the challenge.

Your Investment to create a Positive Lifestyle is: $97.00.

Purchase your ticket by June 6th and Receive free access to a Special Group Session on Overcoming Negativity using AFT- Aroma Freedom Technique (with guided visualization, affirmations and Young Living Essential Oils). This method will help to unblock Emotionally Charged Memories that are holding you back from Overcoming Negativity in Your life.

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