New Moon challenges

Begin Your Journey with the NEW MOON

Why the NEW MOON?

I always considered myself a moon child. I can remember looking up at the sky and gazing at the full moon with wonder. When the moon reached the New Moon Cycle, i would think that it had left me. Needless to say, the moon was always there for me. The moon is so powerful. It is responsible for moving the ocean, ocean tides, and growth of plants. The energy of the moon has its effect on humans, especially women. Followed by many cultures for centuries, this magical time is a great opportunity to start a new.

The New Moon marks new beginnings. We can harness the energy of the New Moon with challenges to reach goals, dreams and visions. Be clear with your intentions and what you wish to create in your life. The 21-Day NEW MOON Challenges are milestones along your Holistic Journey to become more focused and dedicated to your personal life's achievements. 

Challenge Yourself TODAY!

Make an impact in your life. Get serious. Life requires us to take an active role and we will only see results if we commit to making positive lifestyle changes.

Select one of the 21-Day NEW MOON Challenges below for a Do-It-Yourself journey or we can work together to focus on your own personal unique intentional NEW MOON Challenge.

21-Day NEW MOON DIY Challenges

Overcoming Negativity

 You can overcome negativity. It's time to release the negativity in your life and live a life that breathes the abundance of positive mindful awareness. This challenge provides daily exercises to overcome feelings, thoughts, people and situations that drown you in negativity.  

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Manifest Your Desires

 You can stop living the status quo. Life is short and you can stop living day to day wishing for your dreams to come true. Instead, create focus and intentional clarity to create a healthier mind, body and spirit, have better relationships, build an exciting career, or find financial freedom. YOU can live a life of abundance and Manifest Your Desires.  

Your Investment is only $97.00


Eliminate BAD Eating Choices

 You can eliminate bad eating habits. This is not about diet or going to the gym. Eliminating "BAD" Eating Choices is about being clear, concise and mindful of how you want to feel each and every day. This challenge provides the structure and information to CHANGE those BAD choices into life long daily habits that create a healthier, happier YOU. 

Your Investment is only $97.00


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