Applied Transcendence Reiki

What is Reiki?

 REIKI - (Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy).

Many ancient cultures embraced the belief that life energy flows through the body, deeply affecting our entire being. Current research strongly suggests that energy does extend throughout and beyond the physical body, and that disruptions or imbalances in its flow correlate to physical, mental and emotional illnesses. The healing art of Reiki (pronounced "RAY-key") addresses these imbalances to support your good health and well-being.

Though the Reiki techniques appear simple, the effects can feel profound. Most people experience deep relaxation, pain relief, answers to problems, and the will to make positive life changes.

Reiki Benefits

Studies of Reiki show significant reduction of pain, including cancer pain, following treatments. One study cited improvements in the immune and nervous system function and increased mobility in patients with conditions such as multiple sclerosis, lupus and fibromyalgia. Surgical patients decreased their use of pain medications, stayed for shorter periods and reported increased satisfaction with pre- and postsurgical Reiki sessions.

Kelly's clients have received messages to make positive changes, reduction in pain and much needed stress reduction. They have noticed patterns of addiction changing, more feelings of abundance and overall joy and happiness. Most of all, her clients are open-minded to the healing powers of Reiki and believe in it's innate wonders for a life of peace.

Schedule a Life-Changing Reiki Distance Healing Session!

Reiki is just a powerful and non-intrusive through distance sessions as it would be applied in-person. Reiki can extend across space and time. Our Sessions can included a recorded session through Zoom Conferencing. During this session we will begin by discussing your desires to achieve. The Reiki Distance healing will take about 30 minutes, after the call. I will followup with you to hear about your experience and provide holistic approach tips for your continued healing. Total Session; (Pre/Post Recordings 15 minutes each and 30 minutes of Distance healing) - $95.00

Live Classes and Workshops

Applied Transcendence Reiki courses

Reiki is an energy-work modality that permits us to tap into the Universal Life Force energy that is all around us and is in each of us. Through this integrated process we can:

  • Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Reduce the feelings of pain
  • Enhance our intuition
  • Manifest our desires                    

through the gentle loving channeling of this energy to areas in our life that need it the most.

Everyone has the capacity to heal themselves; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki is just a tool that opens the doors to the many possibilities.

Are you looking for a more comprehensive, powerful energy training experience using Reiki? 

Applied Transcendence Reiki is Kelly's signature 4-week courses that connects you to take the Reiki Journey with like-minded students and enhance your skills, training and knowledge while building on your intuition. This is not your cookie-cutter 1 day reiki class. 



  • Go beyond a stress reduction technique , to live Reiki as a lifestyle to bring about peace, joy and contentment.
  • Practice a spiritual lifestyle that honors all living things with love.
  • Put aside worry and anger to embrace principles that lead to a life of happiness.
  • Consciously channel the Universal Life Force energy with loving intention to family, friends, and life situations.
  • Embrace a lifestyle of healing on all levels.


Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Master (with a business building section) and a Reiki Master Teacher course are available at your finger tips. Each course provides you with resources, facebook support and live support calls.