ARISE from Feeling Lost to Living Your Life with Passion


Feeling loss, Feeling Anger, Feel despair, Regret, sadness, sad, respect, awake

No matter where you are in life there are times when you feel disbelief, sadness, loss, anger, regret or despair. AWAKEN permits us to fully SEE and FEEL these emotions while embracing them as learning companions. 

Part 1 of the ARISE program, AWAKEN is a Holistic Journey of Self-Love, Self-Respect and Self-Responsibility.


Discover, Plans, Life, Purpose, Life Purpose, Direction, Begin, Embark, Discovery,

Experience the SHIFT as you move into Self-Discovery. You will gain more clarity of what you want, what you are capable of achieving and where you wish to take your life in the next steps.

 Part 2 of the ARISE program, DISCOVER is a Holistic Journey of imagining your endless possibilities.


Live, Transform, Evolve, Transcend, Peace, Harmony, Passion, Mindfulness, Mindful, Authentic

Live, Breathe and Transform daily knowing that you are living your life's purpose within each situation living in conscious awareness and creating love, peace and harmony in all areas of your life. 

Part 3 of the ARISE program, TRANSFORM is a Holistic Journey of living in MINDFULNESS AND AWARENESS with all of who you are AUTHENTICALLY.

The "ARISE" Program

Ready to ARISE Like a Phoenix?

This Program Page is still Evolving and will be ready soon. 

The first day of this program will begin January 2019. Look for more information to come.