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Break Past Emotional Chains

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This powerful, clinically proven method of using Guided Visualization, Self-Awareness Questions, Young Living Essential oils and Affirmations is making great strides in the area of healing. Founded by Benjamin Perkus, Phd psychologist; this practice helps a person the reach back in to their past memories and to Break the Chains to Emotionally Charged memories that are holding us back. 

I personally have felt, seen and experienced great results in relationship issues, stagnant career decisions and shame/guilt and hurt from areas that i have held onto. I practice this on an on-going basis and continue to experience the profound effects that this method provides.

Learn what AFT is and the many benefits that that it can provide you with. This webinar includes a powerpoint presentation and a full demonstration of the process.

Sacred NEW MOON Ritual


FREE - Webinar

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We all look and admire the FULL MOON, but did you know that our best time to practice a ritual to start a project, dream plan or change a habit is on the NEW MOON? I'm excited to present to you this FREE Webinar that will introduce you to the power of the lunar energy magnified by the NEW MOON. You will learn 12 Key Activities to create your personal Sacred NEW MOON Ritual. Do not miss out on this wonderful experience. 

This FREE Webinar will be offered on 3 days prior to the NEW MOON (June 13th). You want to take some notes and prepare yourself for the NEW MOON.

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