Key Topics with Integrative Nutrition


Knowing Yourself

We are all different. We all process foods different. What is Your Medicine in Food, maybe My Poison. The only way to know which foods effect our body, our mind and our emotions; is to really get more in touch is to become more aware. We do this through a health History Evaluation and Exercises with Food.

Knowing the Foundations of Nutrition

The more we know about food and the wonderful health benefits, the more we can incorporate the RIGHT FOODS that are best for us.

Knowing Our Relationship with Food

Yes, we all have a relationship with food. It started when we had that first spoonful put in our mouths, through our family meals, and continues to all that you consider as part of your meals today. This relationship can be wrapped with emotions; stress eating, portion sizes, go-n-grab meals, fat or sugar addictions. We need to make a better relationship to eat healthy the rest of our lives.

Know the Basics of Meals

You can not make Nutrition a Lifestyle; if you do not know the basics. Better meal planning, purchasing foods, budgeting for foods, preparation of foods, cooking meals, eating properly and storage for future needs. 

Know Your Options

We all would love to eat more healthier, but the idea of the best of the best is COST? You will learn more about Organics, Local Foods, and Sustainable foods, all while not killing your budget. There are food choices that can be substituted and still surprise you. This is our time to explore beyond our normal go-to plate.

Know the Interconnection of Life with FOOD

Balance is Key to everything we do in life. Nutrition is a big part of the picture, but there are other dimensions in our lives that can effect our nutrition plan. Learn the interplay between all the areas. Busy Work vs. Eating Healthy, Relationships vs. Honoring My Needs, Self Care, Self Love and Self Nurturing.

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