Stress Reduction Techniques



One-on-one coaching is your chance to do a brain dump with someone who has your best intentions at heart. Schedule a Health Coaching Session.



Learn how your breath is your best friend when reducing anxiety and stress. Apply many different breath-work techniques.

Mindful Moving


Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga or just walking can be powerful methods to reduce stress. Mindful Moving is about bringing your breath, mind (visualization) and the act of conscious slow movements together.



Slowing down the over-active thinking brain to a peace and calmness is your way to connect with your innerself and be in the present moment. Learn various meditative practices.

I AM - Affirming


Live from a place of positiveness. Learn and practice the I AM modality and apply positive affirmations to uplift your heart and live your soul's purpose.



Learn what are therapeutic grade essential oils - Young Living Oils. How to use them and which ones are great for reducing stress and anxiety. Join a group of Young Living Oil Explorers on their continued path to changing their life, homes and families lives with oils.

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