Start Your Holistic Journey TODAY!

So, I'm ready, are YOU? Let's connect to discuss what you are dealing with and where you wish to be. If you are feeling lost in life due to a divorce, breakup in a relationship, working in a dead-end job, health crisis or just day-to-day living, NOW is the perfect time to take a Holistic Lifestyle Journey.

Your Personal Investment can be scheduled at an:

- Hourly Rate of $95.00 per hour or

- Monthly Package Plan of $395.00 per month.

Your Monthly Package Plan includes

  • 2-60 Min Recorded Live Calls
  • 1-60 Min AFT Session or Reiki Distance Session 
  • Unlimited Email Access for 30 days on the topic we pre-set.
  • Personal Access to the Ruzuku Educational platform for Tips, Tools and Techniques

Here are some areas we may focus on:

  • Discovering Your Deepest Inner Self
  • Creating Healthier Relationships
  • Get "Holistically" FIT with Integrative Nutrition
  • Developing Intuitive Clarity to Resolve Problems
  • Releasing Emotionally Charged Memories
  • Manifesting Desires and Dreams
  • Planning an Authentic Life's Purpose
  • Living a Life of Peace, Passion and Purpose
  • Learn and Live with Reiki

Here is how we can work together:

  • Virtual Workshops and Webinars 
  • Supported 21-Day NEW MOON Challenges
  • Group Programs with Live Calls
  • Personal-Virtual Recorded Coaching Sessions (Packages available)
  • Personal Virtual AFT (Aroma Freedom Technique) Sessions
  • Pre-Scheduled Reiki Distance Healing Sessions

Here are some specialty Holistic Approaches we may consider:

  • My Signature Energy Healing Method "Applied Transcendence Reiki"
  • AFT- Aroma Freedom Technique
  • Guided Meditations & Visualizations
  • Mindful Eating using Integrative Nutrition
  • Aromatherapy using Young Living Essential Oils
  • Chakra Energy Healing

You may find group classes and courses meet your needs. Look for the individual pricing.

How Do We Begin?

Feel Free to Ask Me Your Questions

Virtual Coaching / Distance Healing / Workshops / Holistic Programs

I would love to connect with everyone from all areas of the world. To do this, I use Zoom Conferencing so that I can record our sessions. We can also connect via telephone calls in the US. 

Holistic Health History Form

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Who is Kelly Haywiser?

Author, Speaker, Women's Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher

I wish to help you on your life's path to having a healthier body, to feeling happier, to focusing more clearly and to spiritually live a life that is full of peace, passion and purpose. You will take a Holistic Journey into an inner self-awareness and self-discovery. In this place of self-love and self-responsibility, you will incorporate Holistic Lifestyle Practices that create wholeness: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

My methods are simple. YOU only need to:

1. Have an open mind.

2. Be willing to let go of what is holding you from having the happiness you want.

3. Be committed to learning, applying and practicing Holistic Lifestyle Techniques for your overall health and abundant wellness.

A Little About Kelly

Yes, I'm an intuitive healer, author, speaker, holistic lifestyle coach, traveler, photographer, explorer, mother, grandmother, motivator, and teacher, but most of all - I'm real. I'm human. I'm just like everyone else with dreams and desires. I also have my own roadblocks, obstacles and detours in life that I have had to face and continue to navigate. So I can relate to most women's concerns and aspirations. I've worked in the corporate world, ran small businesses, survived being a young widow and single mom and thrived from a failed marriage that ended in divorce. I have used Holistic Approaches for over 25 years and they have connected me to spirit, while creating a pathway to self-exploration and self-love.

As a women's Holistic Lifestyle Coach and teacher, my clients and students will never find a cookie-cutter approach to healing and learning. With a repertoire of health and wellness modalities, I use all that I have learned and experienced including: Aromatherapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Integrative Nutrition, Massage Therapy, Guided Imagery, Meditation, Yoga, Qigong, Breathwork... plus life experiences. I bring all that to the table with a caring, compassionate and always intentional love for inspiring women to live a happier, healthier lifestyle.


Using my interactive, self-discovery guide, YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE, and workshops, classes and group online coaching programs, I guide women on a holistic journey with self-awareness exercises, stress reduction techniques, integrative nutrition and self-love/self-care practices.


My "APPLIED TRANSCENDENCE" courses are powerful, unique and always full of information and support to not rush my students through the process of self-development and self-awareness while building their intuition and spiritual connection. Reiki is just one of the many pillars of my courses offered to help women in self healing and healing of others. My Reiki students enhance their intuition, spiritual connection and life force energy while receiving compassionate support and guidance. 

I offer healing sessions through Reiki Distance and the use of AFT- Aroma Freedom Technique to release blockages, clear stagnant energy patterns, cultivate positive energy channels and to open up a pathway to better health and personal life abundance. We tap into past life issues, but most of all we look forward to our endless possibilities.

Certified Wellness Inventory Coach

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Reiki Master Teacher - founder of Applied Transcendence Reiki

Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner


Licensed Massage Therapist (currently not practicing)

Certified Fertility Massage Specialist (currently only providing coaching)

Extensive Training in Oncology/Mastectomy Massage (currently only providing coaching)


You Are So Much More

Kelly's Women's Holistic Guide to Peace, Passion and Purpose

Do not miss out on going from feeling lost to feeling inspired, whole and authentic. YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE is a "must-read" for any woman wishing to find inner peace, self-awareness and passion for life's moments. Take the journey knowing that you are pursuing a whole-body approach: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

  • Holistic Approaches to spark your mind, fuel your body and uplift you spirit
  • Simple Practices to ignite your creativity
  • Tips for deeper self-discovery through finding your peace, passion and purpose

"Kelly's passion has always been to empower women... so I am pleased to envision this supportive handbook of proven methods... with seemingly endless patience and love." - Sandy Jost - PhD., Founder of Healing Images Guided Imagery Certification

"Kelly provides a powerful guide for a woman's journey to greater balance and wholeness. She helps women discover deeper meaning in their lives through a skilled exploration of the 12 dimensions of wellness - while navigating their wellness journey." - Jim Strohecker - CEO, WellPeople

"I have never seen a more comprehensive book for the healing journey. YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE is a necessary guidebook that will serve as a trusted companion to empowering women to living, being, and fully loving themselves." - Tom Menditto - ADHD Master Coach