Take a Holistic Journey

Inspiring Women to Find Peace, Passion and Purpose

You Are So Much More

Your Self-Discovery Holistic Guide

Do not miss out on going from feeling lost to feeling inspired, whole and authentic. YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE is a "must-read" for any woman wishing to find inner peace, self-awareness and passion for life's moments. Take the journey knowing that you are pursuing a whole-body approach; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

  • Holistic Approaches to spark you mind, fuel your body and uplift you spirit
  • Simple Practices to ignite your creativity
  • Tips for deeper self-discovery through finding your peace, passion and purpose

"This guide is a must-have for women. I love the fact I can take my time working through the journey on myself, I can flip to a page at anytime and be inspired with thought provoking questions, or I can go right to a specific topic or helpful exercise depending on what i need at that moment."

Kelly Haywiser

Author, Speaker, Women's Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher

I wish to help you on your life's path to having a healthier body, to feeling happier, to focusing more clearly and to spiritually live a life that is full of peace, passion and purpose. You will take a Holistic Journey into an inner self-awareness and self-discovery. In this place of self-love and self-responsibility, you will incorporate Holistic Lifestyle Practices that create wholeness; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

My methods are simple, YOU only need to:

1. Have a spiritual open-mind.

2. Be willing to let go of what is holding you from having the happiness you want.

3. Be committed to learning, applying and practicing Holistic Lifestyle Techniques for your overall health and abundant wellness.