Embark on a Holistic Journey


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Get Serious with 21-Day NEW MOON Challenges

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Overcoming Negativity

You can overcome negativity. It's time to release the negativity in your life and live a life that breathes the abundance of positive mindful awareness. This challenge provides daily exercises to overcome feelings, thoughts, people and situations that drown you in negativity.   

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Manifest Your Desires

You can stop living the status quo. Life is short and you can stop living day to day wishing for your dreams to come true. Instead, create focus and intentional clarity to create a healthier mind, body and spirit, have better relationships, build an exciting career, or find financial freedom. YOU can live a life of abundance and Manifest Your Desires.

Eliminate "BAD" Eating Choices

You can eliminate bad eating habits. This is not about diet or going to the gym. Eliminating "BAD" Eating Choices is about being clear, concise and mindful of how you want to feel each and every day. This challenge provides the structure and information to CHANGE those BAD choices into life long daily habits that create a healthier, happier YOU.

Chakra Essence Program

Become a Certified Chakra Essence Practitioner

The art of chakra healing has been used for centuries to balance the main energy centers and bring about over all health and wellness. As a certified Chakra Essence Practitioner, you will learn to live from a place of essence and incorporate the main tools, tips and techniques to bring about positive life changes to yourself and others.

Coming September 2018

Watch for up coming events to launch this comprehensive program that has evolved from Kelly's in-person chakra healing workshops. 

ARISE from Feeling Lost to Living Your Life with Passion

Feeling loss, Feeling Anger, Feel despair, Regret, sadness, sad, respect, awake


No matter where you are in life there are times when you feel disbelief, sadness, loss, anger, regret or despair. AWAKEN permits us to fully SEE and FEEL these emotions while embracing them as learning companions. 

Part 1 of the ARISE program, AWAKEN is a Holistic Journey of Self-Love, Self-Respect and Self-Responsibility.

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Experience the SHIFT as you move into Self-Discovery. You will gain more clarity of what you want, what you are capable of achieving and where you wish to take your life in the next steps.

 Part 2 of the ARISE program, DISCOVER is a Holistic Journey of imagining your endless possibilities.

Live, Transform, Evolve, Transcend, Peace, Harmony, Passion, Mindfulness, Mindful, Authentic


Live, Breathe and Transform daily knowing that you are living your life's purpose within each situation living in conscious awareness and creating love, peace and harmony in all areas of your life. 

Part 3 of the ARISE program, TRANSFORM is a Holistic Journey of living in MINDFULNESS AND AWARENESS with all of who you are AUTHENTICALLY.

Holistic Healing through Applied Transcendence Reiki

Reiki, Energy, Self-Love, Healing, Hands-on, Grounding, Balance, Centering, Life Force

Healing Self and Others

Reiki is the Universal Life Force that you can channel with loving intention to promote self-healing and create feelings of being balanced, grounded and centered. Helping you to deal with the stresses of life, Reiki is sent with pure love. Learn what is Reiki, the many benefits, the origin and how to channel Reiki to yourself and others for overall health and wellness.

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Distance Healing

Distance Healing opens your mind and spirit to the limitless possibility that energy can move effortlessly through space/time to make positive effects to your personal growth and well-being. You can use Distance Healing to effect friends and situations all over the world. You will tap into the magnified Reiki Energy using gemstones, mudras, meditations, and hand positions for specific illnesses. 

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Mastering Reiki

As you embark on the Reiki Journey, you are already mastering the beautiful gift of energy work. This course takes you into areas of endless possibilities. Here you use Reiki to manifest desires and learn to live IN REIKI everyday. This may include a career as a Reiki Master Practitioner. Not everyone wishes to make a career of channeling Reiki to clients; but if you are interested, this is the course for you. A BONUS Business course is included.

Holistic Approaches

Reiki Master Teacher

Are you ready to share your knowledge with others, on the path to living with Reiki? Wonderful! Become a Reiki Master Teacher using all the tools, tips and techniques you have mastered through the Applied Transcendence Reiki courses. Learn who your ideal students are, how to deal with class concerns, how to setup your classes and workshops and most importantly how to give Reiki Attunements to your students.

Releasing Emotionally Charged Memories

AFT - Aroma Freedom Technique uses guided questions and Young Living Essential oils to tap into your emotionally charged memories and release exactly what is holding you back from reaching your goals. This technique was created by Dr. Benjamin Perkus. You will be guided to transform negative emotions and create permanent integrated changes in relationships, goals and health patterns.

Young Living Essential Oils

Applying the energy of essential oils from plants, flowers and trees to create profound physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effects. By using Young Living Essential Oils, you are making a conscious choice to use only the highest quality of oils in products that you apply to your skin, smell for emotional benefits and even ingest for profound health impacts.