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Why You Should Consider a Holistic Lifestyle?



  • Feeling stress, anxiety and overwhelmed?
  • Dealing with poor dietary habits?
  • Feeling sluggish, tired and run-down?
  • Dealing with relationships that drain you of your energy?
  • Not Living your life's purpose?

Then you may need to consider a Holistic Lifestyle Change!!!

A HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE PLAN  considers the following:

  • CAREER - a career that brings financial rewards and fulfillment
  • JOYS - passionate and purposeful life activities
  • CONNECTIONS - relationships that cultivates love, respect and mutual understanding
  • PEACE - a stress-free lifestyle that brings peace, joy, and happiness
  • WELLNESS - Whole Person Approach to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and healing

These are just a few DIMENSIONS in your life that bring about wholeness, balance and fulfillment.


  • End of a Relationship (divorce, death or breakup)
  • Crossroads in a Career (staying, moving ahead, retiring or starting your own business)
  • Health Crisis (weight concerns, changing addictive behaviors or reducing symptoms of disease, such as cancer, heart disease or diabetes)

No matter where you are in your life, creating a balanced life and making holistic (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) choices can help you on your path to overcoming life's obstacles and create the life of abundant health and happiness. 

See the optional paths below as well as checking out Kelly's women's holistic guide to peace, passion and purpose titled "YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE". 

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HOLISTIC CHOICES, Healthy Balanced Lifestyle


There are 3 main areas that this path focuses on:

LIFESTYLE BALANCE: Utilizing the Wellness Inventory System, you will start by participating in a 120 question assessment that reviews 12 dimensions of your life, (Self-Love, Breathing, Eating, Moving, Finding Meaning - to name a few). This program will provide you with tools, tips and techniques to create a healthy balanced lifestyle. The WI system will supply you with a structured format of your strengths, areas to make positive change and a goal tracking module, online journaling module, plus a resource center. By creating your Personal Holistic Lifestyle Plan, we can work together to analyze where your life is really out of balance. We dive deeper into each of the 12 dimensions. 

INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION: Exploring the basic foundations of healthy eating and navigating through the many obstacles, such as sugar addiction, digestive disorders, weight concerns, organic or not, meal planning, easy to go healthy snacks and diets that work and don't work. Most important we create a healthy eating plan that words for YOU.

STRESS REDUCTION: Stress is wrapped up in all of our live's decisions and experiences. Chronic bad stress can cause us to experience major physical, mental and emotional issues. You can take control of stress. We will apply many optional holistic practices that will help alleviate the stress in your life and help make you feel better without all the anxiety that stress can put on you.

Find out more about taking classes, workshop, joining a group program or having focus attention through personal lifestyle coaching based on your specific needs. 

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You Are So Much More


A Women's Holistic Guide to Peace, Passion and Purpose

Do not miss out on going from feeling lost to feeling inspired, whole and authentic. YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE is a "must-read" for any woman wishing to find inner peace, self-awareness and passion for life's moments. Take the journey knowing that you are pursuing a whole-body approach: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

  • Holistic Approaches to spark your mind, fuel your body and uplift you spirit
  • Simple Practices to ignite your creativity
  • Tips for deeper self-discovery through finding your peace, passion and purpose

"Kelly's passion has always been to empower women... so I am pleased to envision this supportive handbook of proven methods... with seemingly endless patience and love." - Sandy Jost - PhD., Founder of Healing Images Guided Imagery Certification

"Kelly provides a powerful guide for a woman's journey to greater balance and wholeness. She helps women discover deeper meaning in their lives through a skilled exploration of the 12 dimensions of wellness - while navigating their wellness journey." - Jim Strohecker - CEO, WellPeople

"I have never seen a more comprehensive book for the healing journey. YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE is a necessary guidebook that will serve as a trusted companion to empowering women to living, being, and fully loving themselves." - Tom Menditto - ADHD Master Coach


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